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FREITAG Introduces S.W.A.P a€“ A Sort of Tinder for sacks

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FREITAG Introduces S.W.A.P a€“ A Sort of Tinder for sacks

TreeHugger has been hot for FREITAG (our very own earliest blog post in it goes to 2004!). Her sacks are manufactured from recycled pick-up tarp systems and chair devices and previous permanently. What’s not to ever love? At times the handbags outlast his or her reason, like mine offers; i got myself the F11 Lassie to transport our apple ipad tablet, but it is perhaps not adequate enough to place simple unique MacBook surroundings i need an F14 Dexter, a further sizing all the way up. The only problem making use of the FREITAG bags is because they are actually high priced. In the event that there clearly was a means to buy and sell it in.

FREITAG Highlights S.W.A.P A Sort of Tinder for Handbags

And then there does exist, utilizing the last strategy from FREITAG: S.W.A.P. (Buying with no amount), an on-line bag change platform. The two give an explanation for complications:

For twenty-five years, FREITAG was convinced and functioning in periods and offering disused pickup tarps an innovative new lives as unique sacks which are therefore robust and durable it’s pointless to get another one right away. But what should your affections change quicker in comparison to tarpaulin in addition to the handbag continues to be eager but you no more tends to be? If, as a consequence of irreconcilable differences, their aged one-off winds up forever in the bottoom of one’s wardrobe and also has which will make method for a replacement, they gets sort of challenging to examine durability and aware eating. Read More